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Branches opening shortly in Odissa: Nayagarh, Puri, Balasore, Kendarapara, Cuttack; Vizag : Vizag, Bhimavaram, Rajamundry; Kolkata: Howrah; Pondy : Vadalur; Kanchipuram: Arani
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About Veritas Finance

Veritas Finance Private Limited (Veritas), is focused on meeting the financial needs of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in India, which has remained largely underserved despite several initiatives. A company run by professionals with rich experience in financial services industry, aims to make availing credit easy to this segment and make a positive impact on the lives of millions of Indians engaged in informal activities and who actually build the nation.

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Why Veritas Finance

  • Value Driven in the Approach

  • Ethical in all our dealings

  • Responsible in our engagement with people,focused on offering

  • Inclusive and sustainable finance through

  • Transparent and Fair practices, while remaining

  • Accessible to the underserved segment

  • Self employed, Small Business segment of the Society

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Press Release

Veritas Finance aims to disburse Rs 500 crore in West Bengal

The company, which opened 25 branches last year, had disbursed Rs 75 crores in West Bengal. With the new store, the company is targeting Rs 500-core disbursement. The company has opened over 25 branches since last year and it plans to target Rs.500 crore disbursement in West Bengal in the next two years. Read More

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As companies adopt enterprise collaboration platforms, experts feel the now-ubiquitous mode of communication will need to have a refined version. Last year, 269 billion emails were sent across the globe every day; Read More

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